Hydro Test Bed System

Picture1Hydro power is an old - well established technology that harnesses the natural energy as a clean - renewable - sustainable power generation that could power an entire city or an isolated tea plantation, yet there are not so many universities and technical schools in Indonesia to integrate hydro power (or renewable energy) know-how into their curriculum.

In order to introduce the hydro power sector to the educational institutes, pt. entec Indonesia has prepared a miniature Hydro Test Bed Educational System. Although it is only producing 40Watt, it is a complete working simulation of Micro Hydro Power Generation scheme that could help a novice or students to understand the basic working principle of electro-mechanical component used in Micro Hydro Power.

One of this Hydro Test Bed System has been delivered to one of private University in Jakarta on March 3, 2017, which will be used to support an upgraded curriculum in the university to answer the growing demands in the renewable energy sector.



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Test Bed Specification

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